Australian Sumo National Championships – Results

After a hugely successful National Championships on the Gold Coast last weekend, we are pleased to announce the following results:

Junior Women’s Open
1. Renee Robinson
2. Tamika Cram
3. Brianna Morris-Grant

Women’s Lightweight Division
1. Caitlin Szanto
2. Renee Robinson
3. Steph Wong

Women’s Middleweight Division
1. Monica McKenzie
2. Tinika Green
3. Holly Dickson

Women’s Heavyweight Division
1. Kerry O’Connor
2. Clare Lutton
3. Jaime Pearson

Junior Men’s Open
1. Daywu Hahn
2. Damien Collins

Men’s Lightweight Division
1. Luke Bulger
2. Daywu Hahn
3. Glenn McLaren

Men’s Middleweight Division
1. Chris Swalwell
2. Ben Thorpe
3. John Traill/Martin Gray (Equal Third)

Men’s Heavyweight Division
1. Derek Boyer
2. Drew Weeks
3. Wade Stanley

Women’s Open
1. Caitlin Szanto
2. Clare Lutton
3. Renee Robinson

Men’s Open
1. Peter Townsend
2. John Traill
3. Chris Swalwell

Congratulations to all competitors!

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