2012 Oceania Sumo Championships

The 2012 Oceania Sumo Championships

This competition was a selection event for the team to represent Oceania in 2013 at the World Games in Cali, Colombia and the 2nd Combat Games in St Petersburg, Russia.

Friday 7th April 1pm – 5pm

Lower Hutt Town Hall, Lower Hutt New Zealand.


Women’s Middleweight

1st Geneva Webber      New Zealand

2nd Angela Whitehead New Zealand

3rd Sarah Lacey           New Zealand

Men’s Lightweight

1st Pat Promrangka      Australia (Formerly of Thailand)

2nd Glenn Sullivan       New Zealand

3rd Harry McCormack            New Zealand

Men’s Middleweight                       

1st Tevita Fahina         Australia (Formerly of Tonga)

2nd Peter Townsend    Australia

3rd Jeremy Sullivan     New Zealand

Men’s Heavyweight

1st Ben Thorpe                        New Zealand

Men’s Open

1st Ben Thorpe                        New Zealand

2nd Peter Townsend    Australia

3rd Nick Brown           New Zealand


1st place               NZ 1 Ben Thorpe, Glen Sullivan, Jeremy Sullivan

2nd place              AUS Peter Townsend, Pat Promrangka

3rd place              NZ 2 Jack Williamson, Niwa McIlroy, Nick Brown

Australia’s women representatives  had to withdraw from the competition due to injury and illness.

Representing Australia in the men’s competitions

Lightweight Worapot Promrangka QLD Height 175cm Weight 72kg Age 20

Middleweight  Tevita Fahina NSW Ht 174cm Wt 93kg Age 37                                 2011 Australian Middleweight Champion, 2011 Australian Open Champion

Middleweight Peter Townsend QLD Ht 187cm Wt 106kg Age  46                         2010 Australian Open Champion

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