2012 Sumo World Championships Hong Kong October 27th & 28th

The Australian team is gearing up for the sumo world championships with entries in all of them.
3rd Junior Women Sumo World Championships
11th Junior Sumo World Championships
9th Women sumo World Championships
18th Sumo World Championships
Our athletes vary in age and experience and come from diverse sporting backgrounds.
Veteran, John Traill (Johnofuji), has competed in 5 Sumo World Championships and 2 World Games.  He will take on the middleweights.
At the other end of the scale, 15 year old Brandon Venter is having his first international competition.  With a black belt in Taekwando he holds several state and national titles in that sport and hopes to snag his first international medal in sumo.
Lightweight Dan Bazzana has a wide range of fighting experience in Judo, Brazilian Jujitsu and Savate as well as wrestling and sumo.
Our top weight, Jason Mareko 207kg, comes from American football and plans to push through to the finals of the heavyweight competition.
The women’s team is looking good too with Emily Knauth, from a judo and jujitsu background and Lauren Ivory a knife wielding chef with a mean bowling arm.
Go Team!

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