2012 Sumo World Championships Summary

The Australian team made a great effort at the 2012 Sumo World Championships, but the opposition was very tough and we were not able to score any medals this time.  The team members are still to be congratulated on the work they put into their preparations and the dedication with which they faced the task of representing Australia in this major international tournament.

An impressive win was celebrated when Jason Mareko was able to defeat the reigning champion from Hungary in his first round match of the Men’s Heavyweight, but sadly Jason went down to his opponent in the next round.

All the Australians gained good experience from their matches and the desire to hone their skills for next year’s competition.

In the medal tally

Gold:  5 Russia,  5 Ukraine,  5 Japan,  4 Mongolia, 1 Hungary

Silver:  7 Russia,   4 Mongolia,  3 Ukraine, 2 Japan, 1 Bulgaria, 1 Hungary, 1 Georgia

Bronze: 11 Japan, 7 Ukraine, 4 Mongolia, 4 Poland, 4 Brazil, 2 Russia, 2 Hungary, 2 Netherlands, 2 Azerbaijan, 1 Bulgaria, 1 Thailand

Of the 30 countries participating in this championship, it is easy to see that currently the big 4 in amateur sumo are Russia, Ukraine, Japan and Mongolia

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