2013 Queensland Sumo Championships

It was an small but international field at the Queensland Sumo Championships.  Competitors from Japan, India and Iran joined the Aussies on the mat.  Women were also underrepresented so Steph Weeks, currently a middleweight (under 80kg) took on the lightweight men (under 85 kg), for a lively contest in round robin format.

Drew Weeks made a good comeback from injury to take the Men’s Open event.


Winners took home some great prizes, including the big bottle of sake provided by our generous sponsor, Sushi Mur’bah.


Women Stephanie Weeks – unchallenged

Men’s Lightweight

1st Daisuke Komiyama, 2nd Kenta Nishikawa, 3rd Naoki Higashiyama

Men’s Open

1st Drew Weeks, 2nd Chris Swalwell, 3rd Joe Saunders


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