2014 Oceania Championships

The competition at the Neanae Hall in Lower Hutt New Zealand on Saturday 24th May, was an exciting one with Australia taking honours in the Light and Middleweight categories and New Zealand the Heavyweight and Open. New Zealand also won the Oceania Team trophy event.
Derek Boyer, former heavyweight champion, had slimmed down to compete at middleweight and won that event convincingly. The second and third places also went to Aussies, second to Dan Bazzana who had come up from light weight, and third to Garth Harold, in his first sumo competition. Dan and Garth also took second and third behind New Zealand’s 230kg heavyweight Mark Tanu in the Open, with Jacob Handley, who is also a newcomer to the sport, taking equal third.
Queensland is producing a lot of good new talent and lightweight winner, Joel Kindred is another of them along with Derek, Dan and Garth.
South Australian, Francesco Mulraney and Victorian Chico Pemeberton were on the Australian team with Joel Kindred, earning a sliver medal in the team event.
The Sumo World Championships will be in Taiwan in August. Selecting the team will be a difficult matter with so much good talent to choose from.

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