2016 Oceania Results

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Some scintillating sumo action was had Saturday night in North Sydney! Thanks to all those that competed, attended and helped out.
The results are as follows:

Lightweight1st: Alessandra Martines 2nd: Zoe Wilkins

Junior Male
Lightweight: 1st: Brandon Jin

Middleweight: 1st: Thomas Traill

Heavyweight: 1st: Lio Soane

Open: 1st: Lio Soane 2nd: Thomas Traill 3rd: Brandon Jin

Lightweight: 1st: Petr Matous 2nd: Joel Kindred 3rd: Matt Collins

Middleweight: 1st: Dan Bazzana 2nd: Thomas Traill

Heavyweight: 1st: Mark Tanu 2nd: Eoghn Tivoli 3rd: Jason Mareko

Open: 1st: Petr Matous 2nd: Eoghn Tivoli 3rd: Dan Bazzana

Oceania Teams 1st: Australia 2nd: New Zealand

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