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australiasstrongestman1DEREK BOYER
Height 197cm Weight 114 – 130 kg Age 44
2010 Australian National Championships 1st Heavyweight
2011 Oceania Championships 1st Open
2012 QLD Championships 1st Heavyweight
2012 Australian National Championships 1st Heavyweight
2014 Oceania Sumo Championships 1st Middleweight
Australia’s Strongest Man- undefeated in every competition in Australia – 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
World’s Strongest Man- 8 times competitor and finalist – 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2007, 2011
Australian Powerlifting Champion – 1992, 1993, 1994, 1999, 2008, 2009, 2010
Masters World Strongest Man championship – 2012- champion
Official Guinness World Records
2005 Heaviest Vehicle Pulled over 100 ft
2010 Most Bench Pressed in 60 seconds
2010 Longest Crucifix Hold
2011Carry 300kg over 20 Metres
2012 V8 Engine Carry
Car Flipping World Record

Height Weight 175cm 95kg Age 30
2014 Oceania Sumo Championships 3rd Middleweight, 3rd Open
inline hockey

Height 191cm Weight 115kg Age 28
Sumo Record:
2008 Southern Cross Open Openweight 3rd Place
2009 Oceania Championships Middleweight 2nd Place
2009 Oceania Championships Opernweight 2nd Place
2009 Oceania Championships Teams event 3rd Place
2010 Oceania Championships Middleweight 1st Place
2010 Oceania Championships Openweight 2nd Place
2010 Oceania Championships Teams event 1st Place
2012 QLD State Titles Heavyweight 4th Place
2012 National Titles Heavyweight 4th Place
2013 Oceania Championships Heavyweight 2nd Place
2013 Oceania Championships Openweight 2nd Place
2013 Oceania Championships Teams Event 1st Place
2013 QLD State Titles Openweight 3rd Place
2013 National Titles Heavyweight 4th Place
2013 National Titles Openweight 2nd Place
2013 World Games Colombia – Australian Representative
2013 World Combat Games Russia – Australian Representative
Other Sports:
2004 QLD International Open Heavyweight 1st Place
2005 QLD State Titles Senior Heavyweight 1st Place
2005 National Championships u/20 Heavyweight 1st Place
2005 National University Games Heavyweight 1st Place
2005 NSW International Open u/20 Heavyweight 1st Place
2005 NSW International Open Senior Heavyweight 2nd Place
2005 OJU World Cup – Australian Representative
2007 QLD State Titles Heavyweight – 2nd Place
2011 Tweed Heads Sambo Tournament – 1st Place
Belt Wrestling
2012 World Belt Wrestling Championships Kazakhstan – Australian Representative
Amateur Mixed Martial Arts
2010 Enemy on the Floor C-Class MMA Tournament 2nd Place
Brazilian JiuJitsu
2006 Sub Grappling QLD Novice Heavyweight 1st Place
2007 Sub Grappling QLD Blue Belt Division 2nd Place
2012 QBJJL South-East QLD Championships Blue Belt Gi Division 3rd Place
2012 QBJJL South-East QLD Championships Blue Belt No-Gi Division 3rd Place

JOHN TRAILL aka Johnofuji.
Vice President of Australian Sumo Federation & International Sumo Federation board member
Age 46,
Born in Sydney and live in Cammeray. Grew up in St Ives and went to St Ignatius College Riverview, St Josephs College Hunters Hill and Macquarie University where I studied a degree in Economics
Married to Miho Traill (nee Fukuen) from Kyushu in southern Japan. We have two children Charlie (Charlieyama is his sumo name) age 6 and Natalie age 4.
Occupation: Self Employed Financial Adviser in Crow’s Nest
Sumo Stablemaster at North Sydney PCYC. Kitanokuma Beya (North’s Bears in Japanese)
Lived in Japan for 2 years in 1992 after graduating and return each year for sumo and family
Sumo for 22 years. 28 medals including 10 Gold Medals at Oceania and Australian Championships
Competed in 6 World Sumo Championships, 2 World Games and most recently the World Combat Games. Best result equal 5th at World Championships in 2007. Not the oldest competitor at World Championships. I have been the longest continuous competitor In Australia.
Have won championships in every weight division and have fought in every weight division twice.
Once lost 33 kgs in 6 weeks to make lightweight – including 8 kgs on the day of weigh in.
Biggest opponent faced in competition was a 230kgs Kiwi when I was 85kgs and I won.
Latest results at Australian Championships was 11 wins and 3 losses for two silver medals and Bronze in the openweight behind Japan and New Zealand. Gold at Oceania Championships in 2011.
I wish to see the sport grow into a serious and honest competition around the world. I also wish to change the stereotypical perception that Sumo Wrestlers are fat and unhealthy because it’s not true (with the exception of a few cellulite monsters). In Pro sumo, wrestlers have an average body fat of just over 20% which is less than an average female. It is also soft puppy fat on the outside of the body so it’s not the dangerous organ choking beer belly fat.

Chico Reremoana Pemberton
Height – 202cm Weight 160kg
Age – 24
2011 Australian National SUmo Championships 2nd heavyweight
2014 Oceania 2nd in teams
also train and compete in combat jujitsu martial arts since 2012 with E.D.A Combat

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