2014 Oceania Championships

The competition at the Neanae Hall in Lower Hutt New Zealand on Saturday 24th May, was an exciting one with Australia taking honours in the Light and Middleweight categories and New Zealand the Heavyweight and Open. New Zealand also won the Oceania Team trophy event.
Derek Boyer, former heavyweight champion, had slimmed down to compete at middleweight and won that event convincingly. The second and third places also went to Aussies, second to Dan Bazzana who had come up from light weight, and third to Garth Harold, in his first sumo competition. Dan and Garth also took second and third behind New Zealand’s 230kg heavyweight Mark Tanu in the Open, with Jacob Handley, who is also a newcomer to the sport, taking equal third.
Queensland is producing a lot of good new talent and lightweight winner, Joel Kindred is another of them along with Derek, Dan and Garth.
South Australian, Francesco Mulraney and Victorian Chico Pemeberton were on the Australian team with Joel Kindred, earning a sliver medal in the team event.
The Sumo World Championships will be in Taiwan in August. Selecting the team will be a difficult matter with so much good talent to choose from.

2014 Oceania Team Update.

The Australian Team for the 2014 Oceania Sumo Championships has been finalised with 2 lightweights, 4 middleweights and 2 heavyweights as follows: Lightweight Joel Kindred QLD & David Hoens QLD Middleweight Derek Boyer QLD, Dan Bazzana QLD, Garth Harold QLD & Francesco Mulraney SA Heavyweights Jacob Handley QLD & Chico Pemberton VIC According to Oceania Sumo Union President, Martin Stirling, participants this year include athletes from Samoa, Fiji & Raratonga as well as the Aussies and Kiwis. The competition will be on Saturday 24th May at the Naenae Community Hall in Lower Hutt, near Wellington.

Competition starts at 1:30 pm.

2014 Events

2014 Oceania Sumo Championships 

24th May Saturday

This year the competition will be held in Lower Hutt, New Zealand.

19th Sumo World Championships – 10th Women’s Sumo World Championships -12th Junior Sumo World Championships – 4th Women’s Junior Sumo World Championships

30th – 31st August

Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei

2014 Australian National Sumo Championships – to be announced

Good Luck In the 2013 Combat Games

IMG_5030We would like to wish our Aussies on the Oceania Team good luck at the World Combat Games 2013 to be held in St Petersburg Russia 18th & 19th October.

John Traill ( Johnofuji) will contest the lightweight and  Joe Saunders the middleweight in the men’s division, and Caitlin Szanto will represent us as lightweight in the women’s events.  All will also compete in the Open.

It looks very cold in Russia at this time of year but we can expect hot competition from the  best 80 sumo athletes representing the six continents in this competition of 13 Martial Arts.ImageImage

2013 Queensland Sumo Championships

It was an small but international field at the Queensland Sumo Championships.  Competitors from Japan, India and Iran joined the Aussies on the mat.  Women were also underrepresented so Steph Weeks, currently a middleweight (under 80kg) took on the lightweight men (under 85 kg), for a lively contest in round robin format.

Drew Weeks made a good comeback from injury to take the Men’s Open event.


Winners took home some great prizes, including the big bottle of sake provided by our generous sponsor, Sushi Mur’bah.


Women Stephanie Weeks – unchallenged

Men’s Lightweight

1st Daisuke Komiyama, 2nd Kenta Nishikawa, 3rd Naoki Higashiyama

Men’s Open

1st Drew Weeks, 2nd Chris Swalwell, 3rd Joe Saunders


2013 Oceania Sumo Championships Results

2013 Oceania Sumo Championships

3rd February Broadbeach PCYC Gold Coast

Junior Combined Challenge

1st Brandon Venter QLD

2nd Jessica Lawand QLD

3rd  Brandon Jin NSW

Middleweight Women

1st Geneva Webber NZ

2nd Emily Knauth QLD

Heavyweight Women

1st Lauren Ivory QLD

Women’s Open

1st Geneva Webber NZ

2nd Lauren Ivory QLD

Lightweight Men

1st Glenn Sullivan NZ

2nd Luke Bulger QLD

3rd Pat Promrangka QLD

Middleweight Men

1st Chris Swalwell QLD

2nd Nick Doyle SA

3rd Francesco Mulraney SA

Heavyweight Men

1st Mark Tanu NZ

2nd Joe Saunders QLD

Men’s Open

1st Mark Tanu NZ

2nd Joe Saunders QLD

3rd Chris Swalwell QLD

Oceania Men’s Team Trophy

1st Queensland

2nd New Zealand

3rd South Australia