Message from the former President

Former ASF President, and current Vice-President Katrina Watts

Welcome to the Australian Sumo Federation’s website.

My passion for sumo began with watching the Japanese professional sumo on TV during my 25 years living and working in Japan.

After watching sumo live I was hooked and graduated from sumo fan to devotee. Later the NHK TV invited me to join the panel of regular guest commentators for their English satellite broadcast of sumo worldwide and I was also an occasional stadium commentator in Japanese for the NHK broadcast of the lower divisions’ sumo.

An English and foreign language teacher by profession, I was able to help the Japan Sumo Association as interpreter & stadium announcer when the professionals went on foreign tours, and became involved in the same way with the amateur sumo when the International Sumo Federation began to have international sumo competitions outside Japan.

I was given a seat on the board of the International Sumo Federation and helped in setting up the Japan Women’s Sumo Federation.

On my return to Australia in 2005 I took over as president of the ASF adding a new dimension to my nearly 30 year involvement in sumo.

Sumo is a great sport to watch, the matches are short and exciting. Amateur sumo is also a great sport to do. Competing by weight division means everyone has a chance. Nobody is too light and nobody is too heavy. Sumo is a great way to keep fit and provides good cross training for those already doing other sports, but it’s accessible for anyone who just wants to get in and have a go.

I hope you will come and watch or come and try sumo with us. Be careful though, sumo can be addictive!



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